4G Mobile Technology is Dead, 5G knocking !!

Just as the third world is getting familiar with 3g mobile technology and the benefits bestowed upon them by the services enabled by it the so called developed world is getting to grips with 4g. Whereas China Mobile on the one hand is planning to launch with full backing its indigenous TD-LTE based 4G technology and is trying to take it forward with their 600 million strong subscriber base, the Europe based LTE FDD network is gunning to give it a strong competition.

There is going to be another leap in technology very soon. Mobile technology is advancing at great speeds and very soon we will have 5g technology knocking on the doors of 4G enabled networks and devices.

Why the talk of 5G when 4G is still struggling to find its foot hold

But why the talk of 5G when even 4G has not been able to penetrate fully even the developed telecom markets? Well, 4G having been touted as the God given technology that will bring lightning fast internet and will lead into innovations that would completely change the way entertainment is consumed has not held its mettle against the its predecessor 3G. 4G is not as fast as people will want a next generation technology to be. So, for markets where 4G has not yet penetrated, going for the even higher and more advanced technology makes more sense than spending on a technology that will go kaput as soon as it is launched.

With people getting more tech savvy their expectation from the mobile phones are increasing by the day. Mobile phone manufacturers are trying to add more and more features to the current breed for mobile phones everyday in the efforts to bring about more and more services on the handsets of the mobile phone users. But for all these to materialize and run smoothly, a lot more bandwidth is required.

Now the scenario is changing very fast. With the advent of tablets, the online media consumption patterns of users are going to change very fast. People will expect to have the same speeds on their tablet PCs as they get at the desktop at home. That translates into speeds as good as broadband. Is 4G capable to deliver such speeds on a sustained basis? Talks of 4G have been doing the rounds since as back as 2002. But the technology has not been proved very successful in which ever network and locations it has been launched. Mobile carriers and mobile phone users both can wait a bit longer to have a technology that is proved and is far better than the features that the current 4G mobile technology boasts of.

5G – the perfect mobility solution for the next generation

Let us first envisage a hypothetical situation where we have unhindered access to mobile technology and networks that provide us mobile connectivity to the far flung areas of the earth where we do not even have continuous electricity supply. Then what all benefits can this revolutionary technology bring upon the residents of that area. Education, medical facilities, entertainment, communication, banking, agriculture technology, navigational services etc. The list goes on. Although the 3G and the 4G mobile technologies promised all these benefits, they have not been able to make this possible. So, only a miracle can bring upon us the benefits the world can now only imagine.


The Promises of 5G mobile technology

It would be equipped with the most powerful and advanced features which will be the future of mobile phones.  People who are still using 2g are so amazed with the advent of 3g and 4g, can only imagine how extraordinary speeds 5g will bring.

The world is gradually moving towards making almost all computing devices as hand held mobile devices. And those devices will not hold good if they do not have a matching mobile technology that gives the same quality of internet connectivity as the hardware of the device if capable of and the services on it demand. 5g should have superior data capabilities so that it can support not only mobile phone, smart phones but all other kinds of mobile devices as well.

5g can enable huge bandwidths and it will enable unrestricted calls and data volumes. One of the main features could be unrestricted mobility throughout the world without the need to switch networks. And on top of all those advanced features the price should be low so that the technology can be enabled throughout the world almost simultaneously.

5g will make telecommunications a global standard. Any mobile used in 5g will have a specific IP address according to the location and the network used. This would be truly remarkable! Can you imagine traveling around the world and can use your same mobile network at a very reasonable price. This will be a great business offering.

Above all, the upload and download speed will be around 1Gbps. It will be more consistent and error free.  You will be able to listen to your favorite music, download videos, access emails, use your enterprise applications simultaneously on the move and much more.

What’s on offer :-

–          Upto 5mbps of speed

–          Supports virtual private network

–          Remote diagnostics

–          Advanced billing interface

–          Enhanced remote management

–          Broadcasting data in Gigabit

–          Subscriber supervision tools

–          Bi-directional bandwidth shaping

The day is not far when the 5g mobile users will feel they don’t require pc or laptop anymore as their 5g enabled mobile would be able to do much more than what today’s smart phones can. The arrival of 5g will surely ring alarm bells to the computer industry. With this new innovative technology, we will step into a completely different era of telecommunications.

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