4G Mobile Technology is Dead, 5G knocking !!

Just as the third world is getting familiar with 3g mobile technology and the benefits bestowed upon them by the services enabled by it the so called developed world is getting to grips with 4g. Whereas China Mobile on the one hand is planning to launch with full backing its indigenous TD-LTE based 4G technology and is trying to take it forward with their 600 million strong subscriber base, the Europe based LTE FDD network is gunning to give it a strong competition. Continue reading “4G Mobile Technology is Dead, 5G knocking !!”

Stopped Blogging ! – Malicious Code warning ?

As I have already discussed in my earlier post that I had stopped updating my blog at around August of 2009. And later the same year the blog went dead. The blog itself was not available on the net. This was a very devastating thing to happen for the writer within me. Some events at my then job also added to dampening of my spirit of writing on a regular basis. This not only reduced the frequency of writing but I completely stopped writing anything new.

I am writing this article to convey to all of you out there the difficulties a person having a stable full time managerial job in a well to do company (even during the economic recession) may face in blogging. It goes to such an extent the his blogging activity not only becomes irregular but is halted completely. Continue reading “Stopped Blogging ! – Malicious Code warning ?”