Self Confidence Is Important For Success

Self Confidence Is Important For Success

Jim spent his entire life working on a radio station. He was a famous radio show host. All his friends knew that if Jim was on-air, he would have wear suit and tie only. They used to laugh at him. One day he said that ”no one can see you from the radio, so why do you do this?’ But he always avoids it in the laugh.

One day Jim was invited to come on the television. This was a show dedicated to the oldest radio employee. The people who knew Jim from his voice had the chance to see him for the first time.

Prior to the show’s record, the director went to the Jim and asked generally you arrive on time, but why did you come late for 10 minutes today?

Jim answered when I was getting ready for the last time I saw that I do not have new socks. For the first time I was invited to television and I thought that just the clean socks would not work. For this, I need new socks so I went to buy new socks.

The director said with astonishment that, ‘But we are only going to take your close-up shots. So shots will not even be seen on television.’

He said to look good on television I should feel good. For this, my shirt, pant, and socks should also be good. If I have a hole in my socks or shoes are dirty then how I would become self-confident.

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