Welcome to TuuBol.com


Welcome to TuuBol.com. I am coming into the world of professional blogging with this thing called Tuubol. I have already written about why I am so late on the blogging scene in my post on my personal blog – dkpandey.

But I will write here about it to give you an introduction about myself and what I do and the reason for my being late in the blog world. I am Deepak K Pandey officially known as Deepak kumar. I am an Indian by birth and am proud of being one. So, you will find a lots of posts on this blog inspired by themes related to India.

This blog will contain many sections dealing in different subjects. You will find here reviews of books that i have read, websites and other blogs that i like and other stuff related to the fields of Fashion Technology, Technology in common, web design and development etc. You will also find here lists of different websites and things that find usage in common life and specialized fields.

Happy reading….

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