StumbleUpon is 400 times better than

Yes, this is why I love stumbleUpon so much more than any other bookmarking servie available so far. I have been using both stumbleUpon and digg for quite some time now, but recently started using them to promote my blogs – - Social Bookmarking site logo - Social Bookmarking site logo

I have had mixed responses for my different articles in search engine rakings for the targeted keywords. Sometimes the page ranks no.1 whereas some of the articles rated in the first page whereas others on the subsequent pages. So, I thought of using the social bookmarking sites for increasing traffic on my sites. I started with both Stumble Upon and Digg at the same time. I got traffic from both, digg as well as Stumble Upon but the kind of response I got from both the sites was way different. gave me referrals for each article in the single digits whereas at stumble Upon I got hits in the hundreds. Now, the response from the bookmarks on stumble upon was quite overwhelming. Stumbleupon has helped increased the traffic on my blog from 20-30 per day to 400 in a single day. I just cannot stop bragging about how much I love stumbleupon. Here I am posting pictures of responses I got for two subsequent days from both and Stumble Upon. You can see for your selves how different the responses were from both these sites. Continue reading “StumbleUpon is 400 times better than”