The Future of Blogging – for the New bloggers

Hey there !

Recently I stumbled through the post on Problogger with the same title :- ‘The Future of Blogging’. The post is a collection of views from different people about the future of blogging. Well it differs in most of cases and the most common thing in what almost everyone believes is that the mode and media of blogging is going to get a major overhaul.

But what I think is that it may be the case for many established bloggers who already have a huge fan following and can afford to feed their readers with their ideas in other forms like video and audio podcasting as well as online video websites like You Tube etc.. but I don’t think they can solely rely on media other than the text on the traditional blogs. That I think should be the case because they not only need to keep a tab on their readers at present but also need to increase the numbers in order to have an even wider audience.

Now what about the novices who have started on the blogging scene recently – they must take the path well trodden by the stars of the blogosphere. They must increase their popularity through traditional media i.e the traditional text blogs whether it is a free service like blogger or wordpress or Vox or a paid hosting using the traditional blogging software with fine templates that are again available for free. Then they can go on to having professionally designed themes, Search Engine Optimization(SEO) and link building for rising up the ranking among the bloggers.

So, the future of blogging for the New Bloggers is going to remain the same for some time to come. They may think about using the new media only after gaining a respectable number of regular readers. Or one thing that they can do is to go and start with the new media itself. So, we can find many bloggers of the new media who are not popular among readers of the traditional blogs. But that doesn’t undermines their success or popularity among the users of the new media like etc. They will also need to go the traditional way to gain more numbers in readership or viewers. So the new Media and the old media are going to coexist for the bloggers and the new media will see a considerable increase in use by the popular bloggers.