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  • The secrets of the Million Dollar Price tag for the Top 5 Blogs Sold for Million Dollars

    We listed the top five blogs that were sold for million dollars in my last post – the Top five Blogs that were sold for Million dollars. It has been quite a while since I did a follow on post on any other topic. But this one got my thinking juices flowing. There were lots of questions that were doing the rounds of the corners of my mind. So, I thought the best way to find the answers will be to do some research about all these 5 blogs and post the analysis on tuubol.com as the next post. So, here are the answers to the most common questions related to sale of these top blogs and their lofty valuations.

  • Find out the value hidden in your website or blog’s domain name / URL

    This question has been coming to my mind every time I restart working on my blog. I write a few articles then as a result it receives some traffic. Then the question that hits my brain is, has the recent traffic increased the value of my blog. Has it gone up in valuation or is it still at the levels it was earlier or has the valuation gone down. So, I go and check the valuation on some websites that are there on the internet.