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  • Twitter webpage layout changes yet again

    Twitter seems to be undergoing a massive modernization and change drive as far as the layout of the home page goes. Once you login to your twitter account, you would find a major overhaul done on the layout and the arrangement of the various sections of the twitter page.

  • How to do Branding for you & your Blog with Custom Backgrounds @twitter

    Had you been a news reader in a television news show, would you not like your studio design to be based on the name of the show you were hosting? Do you not like your personal living space to be designed the way you want it to be? So, why not your twitter profile? Your twitter profile is your chunk of personal space on the twitter land where all of your followers land once in a while to take a look at what you have to say or what is the status of popularity among other people on twitter. So, why not have your own custom design to convey to your followers how you would like to be recognized by them.

  • What is Tuubol.com

    Through this post i am going to describe and define what Tuubol is conceived to be and what all is going to come in Tuubol’s posts. First of all, what does TuuBol mean.Tuubol is comprised of two Hindi Words ‘Tuu’ and ‘Bol’. ‘Tuu’ means ‘You’ and ‘Bol’ means ‘Say/speak’. First of all, TuuBol means ‘You […]