Blogging Success:- Top 5 Reasons for Blog Failure you never knew about

I am not going to write about success at blogging in this post. This is going to be all about the top reasons due to which a blogger fails to take his or her blog to the peak of success. Making a blog successful is not the cup of tea for everyone. That is because most bloggers fail to even make a mark and get noticed outside their current circle of influence.

Hundreds if not thousands of blogs are launched everyday including those on all the free blogging sites like WordPress and blogger.  But how many of them are able to garner a list of readers who visit them regularly or subscribe to their posts through RSS or email. Well the answer to this question will be, only a fraction of them do. Only a fraction of all blogs launched and running have subscribers in thousands. And so is the rate of success of blogs.

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Blogging Success: Impulsive Blogging Disorder- reason why most Blogs fail

I have in all of my recent posts been talking about blogging and how to improve at it. And this post is also about blogging, but there is a slight twist in the tale. I am not going to talk about blogging as a whole in this post. I have pondered upon things related to blogging and how they work. In doing so I have found out a phenomenon that is one of the most disturbing things to happen to a blogger who is trying to make it big in the blogging arena.

Start of a Blog

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LEAN BLOGGING: – How to do 5S for a Blog

What is Lean Blogging

Lean Blogging - Blog PostThis is the second part of the Lean Blogging Series and I am going to discuss the principles of 5S and their applicability in the context of Blogging.

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Blogging Success – What is the Motivation behind your Blog

Motivation is the biggest factor that can lead a person to success in any endeavor he or she may undertake. Motivation is such a thing that can give you powers that you never knew you possessed. You can climb a cliff or swim across the ocean if you have the right motivation. These are not my words but the words of the most famous motivational speakers and writers around the world.

So, the same thing must apply in the case of success in blogging too. But motivation can mean different things to different people. Some one can be motivated to gain even a little attention whereas some one else might want to reach the top of name and fame. So, you should first be decided upon what is that motivates you to blog in the first place.

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