How to save your nation using facebook

Fake facebook profile and friend request
Well, the title of the post may look weird or funny based on your perspective, but, I am pretty serious about this topic. Yes, if we behave as informed and attentive netizens, we can prove to be responsible citizens as well. In this post, I am not going to talk about the following:
  • How to spread awareness about social issues
  • How to spread the idea of nationalism among your friends and family on social media
  • How to be active contributors to the debates going around on social media about various social, economic, and political issues

Through this post, I am going to highlight one aspect of national security, and as to how we as responsible netizens can contribute towards making our nation safe. Please read through the article and give it a thought and try to practice it yourself and spread the idea among your friends and family. So, here it goes…

The menace of unsolicited friend requests from strangers of the opposite sex

I recently received a friend request from this facebook profile that has the picture of a western lady. If you are not critical of unsolicited friend requests on facebook, you might just think it to be a random profile and a casual friend request from a normal person. The profile on the first look gives the impression of an average facebook profile and may not arouse any suspicion at all to a non-critical eye.
Fake facebook profile and friend request
Fake facebook profile and friend request
Trying to ascertain the possibility of this person somehow knowing me, I tried to dig into the profile to find out more information.  The occupation listed under the about section of the profile shows the occupation as pharmacist and the location as North Carolina. Well, I don’t have any connection to this field of work or to the location that this profile claims this lady belongs to. So, it became clear that there was connection whatsoever and this was a case of fraud.
The  only factor that forced me to find out more about this facebook profile was that under friends of the profile, it shows 1 mutual friend. Indeed one of my facebook friends with whom I am associated through one of the educational institutes where I studied was added as a friend on this profile. The person (mutual friend) is a middle aged man retired from public service. I don’t know and do not even want to guess as to how this person became friends of this facebook profile. That is a personal choice and so, I don’t want to dwell to much onto it.
After taking a look at the  timeline of this profile it became clearly evident that it was a fake profile. Lots of Indian men from different walks of life and different age groups had been sent friend request by this profile. Many of those people had commented admiringly on the few photos that were posted of this supposed lady from North Carolina who worked as a pharmacist. It was also evident that many of those people like my fiend had decided to accept the friend request although they were first astonished at the prospects of a stranger lady from the US approaching them for friendship.
Now, why am I hyperventilating on a fake facebook profile of a western woman sending friend requests to Indian men? Well, there is a reason behind it and that reason concerns the safety of the nation.

Social media Honey traps used by enemy to find out vital defense information

As far as I can think, I believe this is a fake profile made by Pakistan’t ISI to break into the network of the Indian armed forces processionals. Well, you can find some retired veterans to have already fallen prey to this trick. We all know that such tricks have been used by ISI as a honey trap to break into the security of our defense installations.
There had been many cases in the recent past where social media profiles of women were used as honey trap to trap defense personnel into their net for implementing covert operations of ISI. Here are a few links:

How to tackle this menace

It is very easy to tackle this problem. We just need to be aware of their ways of working and highlight those profiles to alert our friends and family. Whenever you receive a from anyone who looks interesting but doesn’t seem to be a part of your general network, e.g. school, college, place of work etc., please become cautious and ask around the people who are listed as mutual friend on the profile of the person who sent you the friend request.
If you accept friend request from such profiles, you make these profiles look genuine and prompt your real network of friends to accept friend request from such profiles too (as your profile is shown as a mutual friend of that profile). This is how they are able to cast their net wider and devise ways to hurt the country from the inside.
So, please be cautious and help make the nation safe. After all it is our duty to help in any way we can.

Google +1 button – the Buzz around it on Blogs

There had been lots of noise in the blogosphere just after the launch of the Google +1 button. There were several articles by some famous blogs and most of them had something or the other to say about the search results appreciation system that Google announced way back in March.

The launch was discussed form different perspectives . The most talked about angles of the Google’s  +1 button were the social media efforts of Google, how the button will affect the search rankings, when will it be launched for the general public, will it be made available for web content ranking etc.

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