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  • Did you Grab the Google +1 Button for your Blog or Website ?

    I got an email from Google announcing the availability of the Google +1 Button for non-Google websites and Blogs. I had requested for an invite for the same whenever it comes alive. And here it is. This post deals in how you can incorporate the Google +1 Button on your non-Google sites and blogs.

  • How to do Branding for you & your Blog with Custom Backgrounds @twitter

    Had you been a news reader in a television news show, would you not like your studio design to be based on the name of the show you were hosting? Do you not like your personal living space to be designed the way you want it to be? So, why not your twitter profile? Your twitter profile is your chunk of personal space on the twitter land where all of your followers land once in a while to take a look at what you have to say or what is the status of popularity among other people on twitter. So, why not have your own custom design to convey to your followers how you would like to be recognized by them.

  • Google’s Social Media Endeavor the Google +1 Button – How it works

    I recently came to know about the new social media initiative by Google that they have termed as Google +1 button. This seems to be something similar on the lines of the facebook Like button found on almost every well known website and blog now a days. It is not the first time that Google is trying their hand at getting a slice of the social network pie. But they seem to be a bit late on the anvil though. I went to their website and tried to find out what this thing was all about.

  • StumbleUpon is 400 times better than DIGG.com

    I have been using both stumbleUpon and digg for quite some time now, but recently started using them to promote my blogs – Tuubol.com. Digg.com gave me referrals for each article in the single digits whereas at stumble Upon I got hits in the hundreds. Now, the response from the bookmarks on stumble upon was quite overwhelming. Stumbleupon has helped increased the traffic on my blog from 20-30 per day to 400 in a single day.