creative Imagination – how to develop

Creativity is the mother of invention. And that is what is taking the world by storm in the near history. Invention in the true sense is creating something that was not present in the past. And that is possible on by the imaginative powers an individual possesses. So, only creativity or only imagination can not be the abilities on which one can reach the pinnacles of success. You need an amalgamation of both, i.e. Creative Imagination.

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LEAN BLOGGING: – How to do 5S for a Blog

This is just an introduction of how and where 5S can be helpful in blogging and how it can help us improve the overall reading and exploration experience of our readers. More will come soon. In the mean time please feel free to comment about how you liked this article.

The Lean Blogging series brings in a new perspective of thinking about improvement in the overall experience for readers and subscribers of blogs.

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6 Things Not To Do for Blogging Productivity and writing great Blog Posts

Every great blog is great because of the quality of content it offers to its readers. So, to be successful in the blogging arena, you ought to write great articles on your blog to make your existing readers and subscribers stick to your blog and attract new readers in hoards.

I am writing this Not To Do List for writing Great Blog Posts. The list consists of things that are the greatest distraction while you sit down to write your blog posts. While doing something I will come across a great idea for the blog post I had long thought I will write about and then when I sit down to write the post I will get distracted by one thing or the other. I have listed and explained below the things that I found the most distracting while writing.

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3 Things to learn from the Japanese Triple Tragedies of Earth Quake, Tsunami and Nuclear Reactor failure

The Japanese earthquake, the following tsunami and the Nuclear Reactor failure have been the most discussed news in the worldwide media during the past few days. Japan had had many earthquakes in the past . Many were devastating too. But this one was of the highest magnitude ever recorded in Japan’s or say the earth’s recorded history – 8.9 on the rector scale. But scientists say the earthquake would not have caused as much destruction as has been the case. It is the tsunami that created much of the scene of devastation that you can see even now.

Now what can we learn from these events is the real question I am dealing in this post.

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