The World – 2 months after the Japanese Earthquake, Tsunami and Nuclear crisis

It has been two months since the massive earthquake hit Japan causing an even deadlier Tsunami and failure of Nuclear plants. There has been lots of changes in the world since. From the death of Osama Bin Laden, The Royal Wedding 2011, Faltering of some of the biggest Automobile manufacturers of japan – Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Japan shunning nuclear power for the future, a corpus of $ 50 billions announced for the relief and rehabilitation work of those affected in the Japanese earthquake, Microsoft buying Skype, Attack on Sony servers and loss of private and personal data of millions of online subscribers as well as credit card data being compromised. There has been a lot of action between these two months. This article is a wrap up of what ever important happened during these two months around the world.

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3 Things to learn from the Japanese Triple Tragedies of Earth Quake, Tsunami and Nuclear Reactor failure

The Japanese earthquake, the following tsunami and the Nuclear Reactor failure have been the most discussed news in the worldwide media during the past few days. Japan had had many earthquakes in the past . Many were devastating too. But this one was of the highest magnitude ever recorded in Japan’s or say the earth’s recorded history – 8.9 on the rector scale. But scientists say the earthquake would not have caused as much destruction as has been the case. It is the tsunami that created much of the scene of devastation that you can see even now.

Now what can we learn from these events is the real question I am dealing in this post.

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StumbleUpon is 400 times better than

I have been using both stumbleUpon and digg for quite some time now, but recently started using them to promote my blogs – gave me referrals for each article in the single digits whereas at stumble Upon I got hits in the hundreds. Now, the response from the bookmarks on stumble upon was quite overwhelming. Stumbleupon has helped increased the traffic on my blog from 20-30 per day to 400 in a single day.

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