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  • Why Not Today?

    Why Not Today?

    It is a matter of time that a disciple used to respect his teacher very much.  The teacher also used to be very affectionate with his disciple, but the disciple was lazy and lingering towards his study. He always tries to run away from self-study and used to leave today’s work for tomorrow. Now teacher […]

  • Thinking That Will Change Life

    Thinking That Will Change Life

    There was a boy lived in a small. The financial condition of his house was very weak. Because when he was small, his father died. His mother used to work as a maid and used to do sewing. By doing such work, somehow they lived in the house. That boy was quiet and silent often. […]

  • Not All Days Are Same…!!!

    Not All Days Are Same…!!!

    There lived a wealthy merchant in the city. He was very generous and philanthropist. Whoever comes to his door, he would never let anybody go empty-handed and used to help them wholeheartedly. One day a man came to him, he was holding a leaflet in his hand that he wanted to sell. ‘Not Always!’ – […]