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Lean Blogging:- Doing 5 s on your Blog 2 – What is SEIRI 0

Lean Blogging:- Doing 5 s on your Blog 2 – What is SEIRI

After having a look at the info-graphic above, you would most certainly ask me how does it apply to blogging. Well, this applies to blogging for sure. I too had not thought if this ever being possible. How could management principles that are used in the manufacturing industry apply to blogging? Well, it took me time and became clear once I read the book – the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey. The first chapter of the book describes about Paradigms and Principles and details how a paradigm shift can give a person an altogether different perspective of a thing that he or she envisioned in a totally different light. And that is exactly what happened. I too realized that the principles of lean can be applied to anything and everything in life and hence to blogging too. And here it is.

What is Seiton of a Blog - Lean Blogging Series (Basic elements of a Blog) 0

Lean Blogging – How to do 5s for a Blog 3 – What is SEITON

After sorting all the wanted and unwanted stuff on your blog you would like to know how and where to place the stuff that is necessary. The thing to be taken care of during this phase is the manner in which the arrangements and placements should be made. What should be the basis of the placements and the layout of the various sections of the blog and different categories of blog posts. This article intends to be a guiding principle that should be taken into consideration while deciding about the above stated things and things that will be dealt in the article’s upcoming sections.

What is Lean Blogging 3

LEAN BLOGGING: – How to do 5S for a Blog

This is just an introduction of how and where 5S can be helpful in blogging and how it can help us improve the overall reading and exploration experience of our readers. More will come soon. In the mean time please feel free to comment about how you liked this article.

The Lean Blogging series brings in a new perspective of thinking about improvement in the overall experience for readers and subscribers of blogs.