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  • Changes in Google’s Privacy Policy – why so much hue and cry

    Starting the March 01, 2011, Google’s privacy policy for all its products for free users have been clubbed to make a single privacy document. Google’s take on this is that, they wanted to make the privacy policy statement and document easier for the customers and more simplistic.

  • Why I use Google search and not Bing

    Google search is the first choice of almost all net surfers. There is a reason behind it, and the reason is better and more accurate search results and suggestions. Whereas Bing comes nowhere near Google Search’s features and usability.

  • Google +1 button – the Buzz around it on Blogs

    There had been lots of noise in the blogosphere just after the launch of the Google +1 button. There were several articles by some famous blogs and most of them had something or the other to say about the search results appreciation system that Google announced way back in March. The launch was discussed form […]