The Fashion of blogging about the Eonomic Recession

Hey folks we are back again although after a long break. The reason for this prolonged break is very simple – our regular jobs that enable us to be able to run the wheels of our daily lifestyles. As you all know it takes more than simple efforts to saave your jobs during times like these i.e. the economic recession. So, we had been doing our bit to save ours. By the waving your job is not a question that we had been facing, the question was how to get ahead in your present job during times of economic recession. Although this is a great quesiton, we will deal with this in an upcoming post. Continue reading “The Fashion of blogging about the Eonomic Recession”

Fashion during the economic recession

Fashion during economic recession
Fashion during economic recession

We have been hearing and reading a lot about effects of the economic recession on various aspects of life and society. So, I was wondering what effect the recession is bringing on the fashion during this timeĀ  Or does the economic recession really affect fashion trends. The most obvious thing that comes to the mind is that fashion must be affected by the economic downturn as almost all aspects of life are being sucked into the vacuum created by the recession. So, here I will try and explore a few aspects of fashion being affected by this ugly faced economic recession. Continue reading “Fashion during the economic recession”

Dressing for the Outdoors – Fashion Technology Involved

Outdoor clothing generally may seem to be a term obvious and generic for any type of clothing worn outside home conditions. The literary meaning of the term is also the same. But it is much more than that. Outdoor clothing doesn’t only mean anything that is worn outside a house but it encompasses a whole lot of categories of clothing ranging from sports wear to weather protection gear to adventure sports clothing to swim suits to life jackets to space suits. So, out door clothing is a category that sometimes determines the sustainability of life of the person involved. So, to achieve such clothing there is a lot of technology involved in making the material that has such properties that are desired. The technology not only provides the material but also determines how the materials are combined to make fashionable looking outdoor clothing. Continue reading “Dressing for the Outdoors – Fashion Technology Involved”