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  • Won the Mind, Won the World

    Won the Mind, Won the World

    It is said that our mind is like a monkey who has taken the poison of ego and who is bitten by the Scorpion of ignorance. The first way to control it is to note how it jumps from place to place. Once he regrets his past actions, then he is worried about the future. Sometimes […]

  • Secret Of Happiness

    Secret Of Happiness

    Once upon a time, the Great Saint lived in a village. People used to bring their problems to him and Saint used to guide them. One day a person came to the Saint and asked him a question. He asked the Saint, “Gurudev, I wanted to know that what is the secret of Happiness.” The Saint […]

  • Beat Up Your Weaknesses

    Beat Up Your Weaknesses

    It is true that there many people in this world who have more talent than you. But if you work hard in the right direction with a sincere heart and with full dedication, then there is no reason that you can not equate those talented people. You did not have any talent at the time […]

  • Why Youngster Fail In Life?

    Why Youngster Fail In Life?

    We dream, set the target, invest in money and time, our intentions are also very strong and we work very hard to get it but still, we could not be successful. But why? Let’s read further. A 20-22-year-old boy carrying luggage landed at a station. He told to a taxi person that I have to go […]