Blogging Success: – Top 10 Reasons – Why People don’t Blog

Whenever we log onto the net and search for some information related to anything worth knowing in this world, we get one or more blogs in the primary web pages that come in the first few on the search results. These web pages are full of information on the subject and are updated regularly. Most of the times these websites are Blogs. We all know that their is a genre of web sites spread throughout the web that are called Web Logs or blogs in the terminology of the web.

We all like reading blogs, although only a few of them have content that interest us. We all visit those blogs regularly and envy the person behind the blog, the one who regularly updates the content of the blog. All these visits to other people’s blogs give us an impression that blogging is a good thing, it is an easy thing, and that we should also do this. Even I had the same notions 3 years ago. I thought I can blog and I should blog. I even started doing so. I started blogging on blogspot twice. Once I just created the blog, but didn’t write anything except the hello world on it. The second time was informative though. I wrote two or three articles on my second blog named DeepSpeaks. I got some encouragement from my peers in college, but somehow i stopped it.

So, Here I am going to explain through 10 simple reasons that hinder a person from venturing into the world of blogging:-

  1. Every topic has a blog – There are so many blogs around the web that people might think that it is enough now and we don’t need any more. There are blogs on any topic that a person might think possible. This sometimes acts as a factor that demoralizes some people. They think as this topic of my interest already has so many blogs, so why do I need to write on the subject. Although it seems funny at the first glance to know that there are people who are full time bloggers, who have earned fortunes just by blogging, there are corporates doing the same, so why should an amateur like me start a blog… So, there is lots of competition on the topic and hence I/We decide not to blog.
  2. This is not the right time :-Many of us have the notion that this is not the right time when I / we should start blogging. We should wait and watch, gain some experience of writing a blog, and then we should go in the world of blogging fully prepared. But when is the right time going to come !! In most cases it never comes.
  3. Not a master of any field :-As in my case, when I started first on the blogging circle, I didn’t have mastery on any concurrent topics that I read blogs of. I was still doing my undergrads from NIFT and was going through all the courses that were taught to me. But I kept waiting for the day when I will find myself a master of one of the topics that I was interested in blogging. But I have already started blogging although the day has not yet arrived. But everyone is not like this, people keep waiting for the time when they will gain mastery of the topic. This day never comes in many people’s lives because they remain busy with their daily chores and never find the required time to increase their knowledge level to the level of mastery of the subject of their interest. The vicious cycle of going for work so as to earn money to but some free time and utilizing all the free time to earn more money keep going on.
  4. I don’t write so good :-This is the most common and the worst affecting belief among folks that they are not good writers. But to the contrary the belief among the blogger community is that anyone can write. What ever may have been said about the writing capability of a normal human being, people don’t believe the sayings of others until and unless this is proved true in front of them by a live example.
  5. My peers are going to make fun of me :- There is another breed of people who don’t blog because they are afraid of their peers’ criticism and laughter. They don’t have strong belief on their ability to write and hence the fear of criticism.
  6. No one in my circle is a blogger : – Most people till this date don’t have a friend or acquaintance who is a blogger, hence the apprehension. They don’t know what the experience of being a blogger is, what it is like to be read and commented upon by unknown people from all walks of life. So, the inspiring factor is not really close the most of people, so they are unable to gather the courage to start with the blog.
  7. Blogging will cost a fortune :- Many people are still not aware of the fact that the most of the blogs around the web are hosted by free blogging websites. The general perception in the minds of a layman is that launching a website and hosting it is very costly and is not available for free like web mail and search engines.
  8. Blogging requires a lot of time :- The next thing on the mind of the would have been bloggers is that blogging requires a lot of time. They have the notion that the blog should regularly / daily be fed up with new articles and the articles need to be originals and hence it requires lots of time.
  9. There is no commercial value visible in near future :- Many people who start blogging are not able to see any commercial value of their endeavour in the near future. Even if some see commercial value, they are not able to continue the thing for a long enough time to get the momentum or critical mass from where it will start to pay off. So, this also becomes a factor for people to leave blogging and remain on the other half of the web world i.e., Of non-bloggers.
  10. Unable to find content to write about :- This is the biggest problem that even bugs the regular bloggers sometimes, i.e., they are not able to find topics which interest them enough to blog. The regular bloggers find such a situation only a few times, but they are able to overcome this by doing some research and thinking. But for the new bloggers who have recently started on the path of blogging, it becomes quite difficult and the frequency of such situations is also quite high. So, some new bloggers are deterred by this and finally leave the thing after some regular failures to come up with something interesting to write about.


These are only a limited number of reasons why people do not blog. Different people living in different circumstances would find varied reasons for not blogging although they might be interest in the same. So, why not share the reasons that kept you away from blogging for long.

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