Technology in Logistics – Google glass as a audio and display device

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Technology in logistics is ever evolving and has been able to increase efficiency and reduce errors to a large extent. A great possibility of having a device that has in built voice and display is being seen in Google Glass.

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Automobiles manufacturing the traditional way – watch “Ultimate Factories – Lamborghini”

This entry is part 1 of 1 in the seriesAutomobiles Manufacturing

It was quite surprising to note that the Lamborghini, one of the most craved for Super Cars is manufactured in a very traditional way. The amount of automation in the factory is negligible when compared to the other mass market car manufacturing plants. The utmost care and deliberation that goes into the production of each car simply blew my mind away.

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LEAN Blogging – The mantra of a Successful Blog

I have been reading blogs for many years and have seen them develop over the years. Blogs have gone from simple, only content websites having full length blog posts on the front page, to websites having complex layouts cluttered with different sized blocks placed all over the web page to present content to the readers, sometimes only showing the headlines and the full length posts lying somewhere behind the scene. Matters would have been a lot better had there not been graphic ads in the form of banners found in between the content and at strategic locations that attract your attention away from the content you were trying to find.

So I am starting a new series on blogging – Lean Blogging Series and this is the introduction.

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6 Things Not To Do for Blogging Productivity and writing great Blog Posts

Every great blog is great because of the quality of content it offers to its readers. So, to be successful in the blogging arena, you ought to write great articles on your blog to make your existing readers and subscribers stick to your blog and attract new readers in hoards.

I am writing this Not To Do List for writing Great Blog Posts. The list consists of things that are the greatest distraction while you sit down to write your blog posts. While doing something I will come across a great idea for the blog post I had long thought I will write about and then when I sit down to write the post I will get distracted by one thing or the other. I have listed and explained below the things that I found the most distracting while writing.

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