Book review – The four agreements – by Don Miguel Ruiz

The four agreements - by Don Miguel Ruiz
The four agreements - by Don Miguel Ruiz
The four agreements – by Don Miguel Ruiz

After having read the book cover to cover I never felt I was reading a book. It all appeared to me that I was having a conversation with a friend, an enlightened one. Don Miguel’s style of writing is conversational. He never lets you feel that you are reading a book.

Although this is not the first self improvement book I have read recently, it left me with some great insights. The gist of the book I feel is that,the world is a reflection of your own self. The four agreements that Don has described in the book are gems of wisdom in their own right.

Don has made references to wisdom of the ancient people from different cultures across the world. It is a great thing to do cross cultural references while you are proposing something that has he potential of being a life changing event for the readers. This is really thoughtful of him. It further strengthened my belief that gems of wisdom can come from any corner of the world. The only thing that matters is that we ought to keep our eyes and ears open to recognize them.

Book review : Be Your Own Pilot – by Manish Kumar

Book Cover -Be Your Own Piot - By Sqd. Leader Manish Kumar

This article is going to be a complete change in the type of content that you might have seen on this blog lately. I am writing a review, and I normally don’t. I was reading this book, “Be Your Own Pilot” written by Manish Kumar. While I had not completed even half of it, I realized, I had to share it with everyone I knew. So, here I am, writing the review of one of the most amazingly simple yet enlightening self improvement book written in the recent times.

Book Cover -Be Your Own Piot - By Sqd. Leader Manish Kumar
Book Cover -Be Your Own Piot – By Sqn. Ldr. Manish Kumar


Although there are lots of books published in this genre every year around the world, this one is no run-of-the-mill creation. The book “Be Your Own Pilot” is a marvel among the self improvement books that have been published lately. Written by a veteran pilot of the Indian Air force, the book is a single point of reference a person would ever need as the source of the ultimate mantra for success in all walks of life.


Manish uses the analogy of flying to depict the various difficulties one faces in life and also shows the ways to overcome those difficulties. He has used his own personal experience during his days at the flying school to narrate a completely mesmerising story. If you ever had any interest in flying an aircraft yourself, you are sure to love the book. The book though very concise delivers the message it wants to deliver with absolute clarity in a simple to understand language.


I would recommend this book to all who ever wondered what the secret mantra for success in life is. Well, even at the risk of revealing the secret formula, I would like to give you a glimpse of the it. Manish calls it IVR. Although the secret is revealed in almost the middle of the book, the path treaded to reach the secret is equally enriching.


Well, now you see, how could I keep my readers from getting to know about a life changing opportunity? I had to do it… finally after trying my hand at it many times before, I have finished the review of one of the most amazing books I have ever had the opportunity to lay my hands on. Now, you bet I would recommend reading the book and keeping it in your personal library for easy access for whenever require to refer it.

PS: The book can be bought here

What is

Through this post i am going to describe and define what Tuubol is conceived to be and what all is going to come in Tuubol’s posts.

First of all, what does TuuBol mean.Tuubol is comprised of two Hindi Words ‘Tuu’ and ‘Bol’. ‘Tuu’ means ‘You’ and ‘Bol’ means ‘Say/speak’. First of all, TuuBol means ‘You Say’ or ‘Your Say’. So, it is gonna be a blog where in I and my team is going to discuss with the readers some things that matter to us in various fields. It will have daily happenings and most debated topics etc. But Tuubol can only be a success if it is you who give your feedback on all the posts.

The various fields that will be covered in Tuubol: –

  • Fashion Technology :- Me being a Fashion Technocrat of the First Batch of B.Tech (Bachelor of Technology – Apparel Production) from NIFT, New Delhi, am very passionate about the subject and keep myself current with the current trends in the field of fashion technology. I would for sure like to share what ever I find interesting and worthy of sharing with my knowledgeable readers.
  • Web Design and Web Development: – I am a freelance web designer and love the work from the core my heart. The most amazing thing about the work is that it keeps changing with time and you need to keep yourself updated with the current trends in the web space. I am a regular visitor of some websites that enhance my knowledge of the field and would like my readers to benefit from this. I with this field would like to share what is latest in the field of web design and what are the current and latest developments in the sphere of web applications.
  • Lean & Toyota Production System:- I am from the first batch of the Lean Leaders certified by the MSMEDI(Micro Small and Medium Enterprises Development Institute, Mumbai). I had the passion for the Toyota Manufacturing System from the time I had been first introduced to the concept. But after doing the course the passion got stronger and the belief became unshakable. So I would like to spread the great TPS(Toyota Production System) among my countrymen and the world as a whole because I think this is the only Production Management System that can save the world from the current and future crises.
  • Biotechnology and Pharma Quality Control:- As we know in this era “knowledge is power” Biotechnology has immense potential for development and ease of human life with advancements in health, stem cell research, in-vitro fertilization, cloning, tissue engineering, genetic engineering, improvement of hybrid and genetically improved varieties of animals and crops, drug development, disease eradication by vaccine development and many more.
  • Book Reviews:- We are also going to write reviews of the books that we read. This is not only going to cover a simple review of the book, but an analysis of the good and bad points of the book, things that are worthy of learning from the book and things that are just fillers.
  • Miscellaneous:- This section will contain topics that interest us in general and are not related to any of the above topics.

Now it is going to be a full fledged blog covering these topics. So, you all got to visit this blog regularly.