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  • Why Not Today?

    Why Not Today?

    It is a matter of time that a disciple used to respect his teacher very much.  The teacher also used to be very affectionate with his disciple, but the disciple was lazy and lingering towards his study. He always tries to run away from self-study and used to leave today’s work for tomorrow. Now teacher […]

  • Do you own the domain name of your Blog, a Case against Free Blogging Websites

    Do you own the domain name / URL of your Blog? This may at first seem like an absurd question for the new bloggers who have embarked on the path of making a name in the blogging scene. But this is a question that is very important for every one who owns and works on a Blog tirelessly to make it a success one day.

  • Blogging Success – What is the Motivation behind your Blog

    It is high time now that you find out what motivates you the most to keep your blog going. Is it for money or just a past time activity. Do you want to be an accomplished author by gaining public recognition and become popular among your intended audience and then opt to launch the book you so eagerly wanted to be published. What motivates you is a matter of individual preference. But motivation is a must to be successful at blogging as you need to keep going even in adverse times because it is not always a smooth ride in any field. The path to blogging success passes through some tough terrain and you must be ready for that. If you have the right and strong motivation to be successful at blogging then those tough terrains should not phase you out of the path and you will be successful for sure.