Why 90 % bloggers leave blogging

Have you ever given it a thought that how many of those who start blogging and join the blogger fraternity continue doing so for a considerable period of time? Leave alone continue blogging on a regular basis, how many of them even post irregularly on their blogs?

I have come to know about some statistics about the trends in the blogosphere about people joining the fraternity and then leaving it after some time. More than about 90 % of all people who ever started a blog of their own had left posting to their blogs within 6 months of starting. 50% of those rest 10 % who continue posting on their respective blogs discontinue their blogs after one year or leave posting onto their blogs by the end of the year. The rest 50 % of those who continue even after one year continue posting on their blogs but without regularity. The intervals at which they make postings on their respective blogs range from one week to once or twice a month. In some cases the interval gets extended to periods when some major activities that occur in the lives or surroundings of the blogger.

So, only 2.5% of all people who ever start blogging at some point of time or the other continue blogging on a regular basis. Some of those are considered as professional bloggers while the others are amateur.

Professional bloggers are the veterans of the field and take the activity of blogging as seriously as any other profession. They may be considered as authors and editors in their own right as they write their posts in their chosen field of interest and keep their readers updated with the latest in their fields.Some bloggers even become authorities in their field of writing and are quoted often by other bloggers in their posts that are related to the field of writing of that particular blogger. Continue reading “Why 90 % bloggers leave blogging”