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  • Lean Blogging:- Doing 5 s on your Blog 2 – What is SEIRI

    After having a look at the info-graphic above, you would most certainly ask me how does it apply to blogging. Well, this applies to blogging for sure. I too had not thought if this ever being possible. How could management principles that are used in the manufacturing industry apply to blogging? Well, it took me time and became clear once I read the book – the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey. The first chapter of the book describes about Paradigms and Principles and details how a paradigm shift can give a person an altogether different perspective of a thing that he or she envisioned in a totally different light. And that is exactly what happened. I too realized that the principles of lean can be applied to anything and everything in life and hence to blogging too. And here it is.

  • Top 5 blogs that were sold for Millions of Dollars

    This article lists and describes the top 5 Blogs sold for Million Dollars. Bloggers that have made fortune by blogging only and all the facts related to those top 5 blogs – Huffingtonpost.com, ugo.com, fotolog.com, consumersearch.com and Techcrunch.com.

  • What is a free blogging site and why to choose one

    A free blogging site is a website that lets you start your own blog with a custom domain name without any cost to you. The free blogging websites allow you to start your blog by first registering with their site and then selecting a name for your blog that is usually the user name that you provided while doing the registration. Some of the free blogging sites are – wordpress, blogger, livejournal, tumblr etc.

  • Entrepreneurial or Workaholic – What type of Blogger are you

    Blogging and blogging only can make a blogger workaholic. Not thinking about the other aspects of life can lead to the mind and thought process being clogged by t he same old thoughts. A well balanced entrepreneurial life is necessary to keep oneself rejuvenated and healthy enough to keep going ahead the path of one’s passion.

  • What is a Blog-Ten definitions of Blogging – What applies to you?

    Although the activity of blogging may be the same for all those involved in this, there are many different definitions of blogging. All those definitions try to explain what a blog is. The basic meaning of most of them seems to be the same, but they differ in their interpretation of what it means.