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  • India among top 5 Stem Cell research centers

    The word stem is generally used in plant kingdom for plant’s aerial part which bears several diversified structures as leaves, flowers, fruits etc. and can regenerate all these structures after any injury, cut or senescence. Similarly several cells in animal kingdom also have capability to regenerate into similar types or different types of cell, tissue, organs and structures and are called Stem Cells.

  • 10 Reasons – Why Animal Cloning Fails

    Expertise, proper handling, selection of suitable trait and endotoxins free processing are required for successful cloning. Indian scientists find many more opportunities of such milestones in animal cloning for the benefit of mankind by garnering the benefits of better livestock.

  • Indian scientists clone first buffalo in the world

    The buffalo clone named Samrupa is the first time some animal has been cloned in India. ‘Samrupa’ is a Hindi word meaning some one who is exactly same as some one else. So, samrupa was exactly same as her mother buffalo. This is a milestone for Indian science and technology. Dr. S K Singla a scientist at the National Dairy Research Institute,

  • What is Tuubol.com

    Through this post i am going to describe and define what Tuubol is conceived to be and what all is going to come in Tuubol’s posts. First of all, what does TuuBol mean.Tuubol is comprised of two Hindi Words ‘Tuu’ and ‘Bol’. ‘Tuu’ means ‘You’ and ‘Bol’ means ‘Say/speak’. First of all, TuuBol means ‘You […]