Won the Mind, Won the World

It is said that our mind is like a monkey who has taken the poison of ego and who is bitten by the Scorpion of ignorance. The first way to control it is to note how it jumps from place to place. Once he regrets his past actions, then he is worried about the future. Sometimes he is in England or sometimes in Timbuktu. When we look at what he is thinking and where he is going, then it will be a little quiet.

The second step is to focus on your breathing. By controlling the breath, we can control the “life” which is life-force. The way is very easy. While breathing, pronounce “soSS” while leaving, pronounce “hanSS”. It is called “soSShn” meditation. After a few minutes, your breathing will be very calm and will start clean and smoothly. Your focus will be on your breath and your mind will be calm.

What does our thinking depend on? Our brain has Cranial Fluid in which our thoughts float like a fish. The quality of our thoughts depends on the level of our Cranial Fluid. If the water of the pond is polluted then the fish gets decayed and if the fish gets decayed then the water becomes polluted. In the same way, when the level of Cranial Fluid is bad then our thoughts will get contaminated and if our thoughts are contaminated then fluid level will be bad. The level of this fluid depends on our thoughts, nutrition, exercise, rest and environment.

Thoughts: Every thought has two parts, facts, and feelings. When we combine emotion with fact, our thoughts become positive or negative. Suppose that you had a clash with someone and someone abused you. It’s the fact that he has abused you. But, now you have two options. You either choose the feeling of revenge and abuse him back or forgive him by a feeling of forgiveness. So, select your emotions by thinking that our thoughts will always be positive. In any situation, to choose how should we react is also in our control.

Nutrition: The effect of our nutrition affects our Cranial Fluid. We must have seen a drunken person how he lost his mental balance. Good meals, fresh fruits, vegetables, milk, etc. Increase the quality of Cranial Fluid, thereby creating positive thoughts and keeping the mind calm. On the contrary, carnivores and spicy foods have adverse effects.

Exercise: When we do exercise, some beneficial chemicals are produced in our bodies and harmful toxins are destroyed. Beneficial chemicals such as serotonin and dopamine not only increase the quality of Cranial Fluid but also reduces stress by giving us a pleasant experience. If you are tense then go to the gym and exercise an hour or go for a walk, you will get a change in your stress level. Daily exercise of 30 minutes will end your stress and you will get rid of other diseases too.

Rest: Like any machine, humans also need rest. The man without rest and a good sleep becomes irritable. Without Rest, getting awake till late night and not getting deep sleep will affect the quality of Cranial Fluid. Those who have a sleeping complaint should do Yoga.

Environment: For our health, sunlight and clean air are necessary, in the same way, there is a need to have the right emotional environment for our mental health. How do we meet people every day, with which people do we sit, the effect of them is on our mind too. It is important that we meet positive people and keep a distance from negative people.

But the level of Cranial Fluid depends more on our thinking. As we have explained above, we will become the watcher of our thoughts and gradually the mind that called the monkey will be in our control. Like a pet, whatever we order it, it follows our order and the height of the success will take us to where we want to go.

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