Secret Of Happiness

Once upon a time, the Great Saint lived in a village. People used to bring their problems to him and Saint used to guide them. One day a person came to the Saint and asked him a question. He asked the Saint, “Gurudev, I wanted to know that what is the secret of Happiness.” The Saint Told him that you come to the forest with me, I will tell you the secret of happiness.

By saying this, the Saint and the person started walking towards the forest. On the way, the Saint picked up a big stone and told the person to hold it and walk. The person picked up the stone and started walking along the Saint to the forest.

After some time the person started having pain in his hands but he kept quiet and continued. But when a lot of time passed and e did not bear the pain, then he told the Saint that he is having pain. So the Saint said that put this stone down. The person felt very relieved by keeping the stone down. Then the Saint said, “This is the secret of happiness”. The person said – “Guruvar I did not understand.”

Then Saint said – “Just as it is a little bit painful to keep this stone in hand for a minute and if you keep it for one hour, then it hurts a bit more and you keep it for longer, the pain will increase. In the same way, the longer the burden of suffering will be raised, the more we will be sad and frustrated. It depends on us that we keep the burden of suffering for one minute or for whole life. If you want to be happy then learn to keep the saddest stone down quickly and do not pick it possible.”

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