Why Not Today?

Why Not Today?

It is a matter of time that a disciple used to respect his teacher very much.  The teacher also used to be very affectionate with his disciple, but the disciple was lazy and lingering towards his study. He always tries to run away from self-study and used to leave today’s work for tomorrow. Now teacher was worried that his disciple would not be defeated in the battle of life. Laziness has the power to make the person indolent. Such a person wishes for liberation without any effort. He cannot make quick decisions and if he takes it then he cannot implement it. Even not aware of its environment and neither is the expert in availing the benefits provided by luck. He made a plan for the welfare of his disciple.

One day giving a piece of black stone in his hand, the teacher said, ‘I am going to another village by giving you this magical stone piece, for two days. Whatever iron item you touch with it, it will turn into gold. But remember that on the second day after sunset I will take it back from you.’

The disciple was very pleased to find this opportunity but due to being lazy, he spent the first day imagining that when he will have a lot of gold then he would be happy, prosperous and satisfied, so many servants would be and he will not even have to take water for drinking.

Then on the second day when he was awake in the morning, he was well remembered that today is the second and last day of getting the gold. He firmly believed that today he will take advantage of the black stone given by the teacher. He decided that he would buy items of iron from the market and convert them to gold. A day was passing, but he was sitting in the thought that there is a lot of time now, he will go to the market and take the stuff. He thought that, after lunch, he will go and buy the stuff. But after eating, he was a habit of resting, and it seemed reasonable to rest for a while after working hard. But his body full of laziness was lost in the depths of sleep, and when he rose, it was sunset.

Now he started to run towards the market quickly, but he found the teacher on the way and after seeing a teacher, he fell on his feet and started praying for that magical stone to keep it for one day but a teacher didn’t listen and dream of becoming wealthy of that disciple shattered. But due to this incident, the disciple learned a great lesson: he began to regret his laziness, he understood that laziness is a curse for his life and he prays that he will never steal himself from work anymore. He will be seen as a workman, alert and active person.

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