Why Youngster Fail In Life?

We dream, set the target, invest in money and time, our intentions are also very strong and we work very hard to get it but still, we could not be successful.

But why? Let’s read further.

A 20-22-year-old boy carrying luggage landed at a station. He told to a taxi person that I have to go to the temple of Sai Baba. The taximan said it would cost 100 rupees to reach there. The boy had heard from anyone that Sai Temple is 4-5 km away from the station. So, he put his luggage on his back and started walking.

After coming far enough, he saw the same taximan again and asked him – Brother, now I have come a long way, how much money you take now. Taxi Driver answered – 200 Rs. The boy said in anger –  first you said 100 rupees, now 200 rupees, why so? The taximan replied, ‘Sir, from this very moment you are running in the opposite direction of the temple, while the temple is on the other side.’ Now the poor boy said nothing and quietly sat in a taxi. This is what happens with us in life.

We set the targets and try to get it without any proper plan and without consulting anybody. And until we realize that we are on wrong track, it’s too late. Always remember one thing that hard work brings the correct result only if the direction is correct, and if the direction is wrong then you will not get any benefit of any hard work. Meet the people in the field where you want to go, read about them. Do the full research and then move your steps forward. Once you get the correct direction, no one can stop you from being successful.

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