What Is Success?

Generally, success is seen by linking with money or physical pleasures. If you have money, then you are considered a successful person, but this cannot be a definition of success because according to person, the meaning of success changes.

For Example:

  1. The success of a Monk is to get God.
  2. The success of a Student is in his possession.
  3. The success of a Patient is in his health.
  4. The success of a Poor Man is to end his Hunger.

We make our goals according to our economic, physical and mental strength and when we get it we realize a victory which gives us true happiness. This is called Success.

A personal Question, What is Success?

If someone asks you what is your understanding about success, then what will you answer? Your answer will be the success of getting things like money, physical pleasures, dignity, etc. Are we successful because of these things – ‘no’ is hard to tell success in some words.

Definition of Success

The person is successful who has “money (enough money to meet needs)”, “name (fame in society)” and “peace in mind”. There is a shortage of “peace in mind” in almost everyone’s life because “peace in mind” is linked to the aspects of life. If you are unhealthy you will not have peace. If there is discord in the house then there will be on peace in your mind. You have to balance your life only then “you can get peace of mind”.

Why is it necessary to be happy for success?

Positive energy is communicated by being happy and the end result of our success is happy only, so we should be happy and do all our work.

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