Why 99% People Are Not Successful?

Why 99% People Are Not Successful?

Once, there were two friends Ram and Mohan. Ram was going through the tough times of his life. He was getting fail in his life many times. But Mohan was a High Achiever. The special thing of Mohan was that whatever work he used to do was successful in it.

One day Ram came to meet Mohan and asked him the secret of his success. After listening to this, Mohan smiled and said that I have learned to be successful only from the failures of the failed people. Hearing this, Ram got into thinking that how it is possible. How can you succeed by learning from the failures of an unsuccessful man?

Mohan said, I will tell you this secret but first tell me how you failed. Ram said, I had a lot of money, and I was living the life of a rich person. I wanted to earn more money. That’s why I opened a company. I wanted to be successful soon. So in the same year, I opened another company too.

All my money was taken in both this company. I opened up two companies in haste but I was not able to give my full time to any of my companies. Which led to the loss of both the companies shortly after. I could convert losses from both the companies to profit. But I did not have the money to spare that loss. Gradually the loss of the company went up and my both the companies closed in the second year.

Listening to all this, Mohan said to Ram that there were two reasons for your failure. One, you opened two companies in one year. Because of which you couldn’t give your time to your any companies. Secondly, you put all your money in both of these companies and when you got a loss, you didn’t have any money to emerge from that. Because of which you are a failed person till today. I learn from such mistakes made by the failed people because this reason I am successful.

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