Thinking That Will Change Life

There was a boy lived in a small. The financial condition of his house was very weak. Because when he was small, his father died. His mother used to work as a maid and used to do sewing. By doing such work, somehow they lived in the house. That boy was quiet and silent often. One day his teacher gave him a letter saying – you give it to your mother. He came home and gave the letter to his mother.

His mother began to smile in her mind by reading that letter. Son asked his mother – Mother, what is written in this letter? Mother smiled and said – Son, it’s written that your son is the smartest in the classroom. His brain is faster than all the kids. We do not have such a teacher who can teach your child. So take his admission to some other school.

That boy was happy to hear this. At the same time, his confidence grew very much. He started thinking in his mind that he had something special because of which he is so intelligent. The next day his mother got his admission to another school. The boy studied very hard and he passed the examination of Civil Services.

His mother was old and due to having a disease, one day suddenly she died. That boy was very attached to his mother. He cried a lot. Then suddenly he opened his mother’s wardrobe and saw her things then he looked at a letter. This was the letter which his teacher told him to give his mother. When he read that letter, he was shocked.

It was written in the letter that we are very sorry to tell you this that your son is very weak in education. Even, He is not good at sports. The way he is growing, that way his intelligence is not being developed. That’s why we are taking him out of school. Take his admission to another school. If not, stay home and teach him.

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