Not All Days Are Same…!!!

Not All Days Are Same…!!!

There lived a wealthy merchant in the city. He was very generous and philanthropist. Whoever comes to his door, he would never let anybody go empty-handed and used to help them wholeheartedly.

One day a man came to him, he was holding a leaflet in his hand that he wanted to sell. ‘Not Always!’ – was written in that leaflet. Who will buy this leaflet, but that merchant took it immediately and tied it on one end of his turban. Some people in the city were jealous of the merchant. One day they went to the King and complained about the merchant, because of which the King caught the merchant and put him in a jail. He was in jail for many days. The merchant was very sad. He did not understand what to do.

One day accidentally his hand fell on the knot of the turban. He opened the knot, took out the leaflet and read it. His eyes opened as he read and he said in his mind – ‘Oh, what is the sadness of! When there is no continuity on the day of happiness, it will not always remain on the days of sorrow’.

When he thought about this, he laughed loudly. When the watchman listened to his laughter, he thought, the merchant gone made because of his sadness. He told the King and he came and asked the merchant – ‘What’s the matter?’ The merchant told the King everything. He said – ‘Why does man become sad? The days of happy and sad always change Happiness and sadness are the two aspects of life. If there is happiness today then tomorrow we may have to see sadness too.’

Hearing this, the King realized his mistake. He got out the merchant from jail and send him home. The merchant stayed with bliss because he had known that there is no end to happiness as well as sadness.

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