Change Thought, Life’s Direction will also Change

There was a very rich man. But his heart was not as rich as his wealth. If he gave money to someone, he would tell 10 people about his dignity. Where ever he goes, he would tell people about how generous and merciful he is. One day he found that some great thinkers have visited in the city. He went to visit them immediately. After the reception of that rich man, the great thinker asked about the reason for meeting him. But without telling the reason for his visit, He started telling about his wealth and charity.

After telling about his charity, the rich man took out money from his pocket and offered it to the thinker and said, ’I have brought it because I thought you needed money’. While saying this, the pride was seen in his eyes. The great thinker kept aside the money and said, ‘I don’t need this money, you need it.’ After listening to this, that rich man was hurt. How did he dare to deny the money I gave? No one has ever dared to deny the money I have given so far, he said in his mind.

At that time, the great thinker said, ‘You may have felt bad of my behavior!’ The rich man said, ‘Obviously, I felt bad. You rejected the help I offered as if it is not the money but the soil’. Then the great thinker said, ‘Look, if the donor pays only the money and does not offer himself, then its value is like the soil. The word Charity has a true meaning, making an equal share of anything and giving half to someone else. The money that you gave me is not all yours. What is there to be proud of this money which you give? This is like one making atonement for the thief you did.’

After listening to this, the pride of the rich man broke and he changed his mind.

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