A Change…!!!

A boy used to go to the pond shore to run in the morning. He used to see an old woman. An old woman used to clean the back of the small turtles on the pond. The boy sees her doing this every day and thinks what is the use of doing this?

He could not resist and went to the woman and asked her – “I always see you clearing the back of these turtles, for what reason you do this?”

The woman saw that boy and said – “Due to the accumulation of garbage on the back of these turtles, their ability to produce heat decreases, so these turtles face difficulty in swimming. If this remains the same for more time, then the back these turtles becomes weak because which their life comes in danger.”

The boy was shocked after hearing this. He again asked a familiar question and said, “Of course you are doing very good job but still think one thing there are many turtles like these which are in very bad condition even though you can not do this for all because of the change of your alone – there will not be any major change.”

The woman smiled and said – “Even if I do this, there will be no major change in the world but think of this turtles, his whole world will change.” This will be a very big thing for this turtle. Just thinking about it makes me happy and relaxed that I cannot change the world but I can change somebody’s world.

It may happen that by doing something on your own, may not make any major change in the world but it may happen that someone’s life gets changed, think how relaxed and happy you will be if you change someone’s life.

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