creative Imagination – how to develop

Creativity is the mother of invention. And that is what is taking the world by storm in the near history. Invention in the true sense is creating something that was not present in the past. And that is possible on by the imaginative powers an individual possesses. So, only creativity or only imagination can not be the abilities on which one can reach the pinnacles of success. You need an amalgamation of both, i.e. Creative Imagination.

Creative Imagination

Creative imagination is more than just active imagination. It is an important ability, to be able to actively imagine things, to see and hear things in one’s mind, to conceive new ideas. Although it sounds like too much, it does not take too much creativity or too much imagination to arrive at an astounding idea, or does it? Daydreaming, for example, is a process of pure imagination. One can create a whole new world of imagination, but mostly things that are imagined and thought over by most people.

Creative imagination, then, must contain an element of originality. It has to include the ability to not just imagine things, but to conceive and imagine original things. But how to cultivate the ability to do this. How to imagine things that have not been thought over by some one else.

Creative Imagination 101

    1. Excercise your Basic Imagination
      Try to excercise your basic imagination first. Try to visualize things that are basic in nature, like imagine a picture, or listening to music or watching a movie in your mind. Try to command yourself to do that again and again so that it becomes a natural thing for your mind to be able to visualize something at will. Although it may require lots of effort initially, it is not an unpleasant activity.
    2. Increase the level of your creative imagination
      Now after having exercised your basic imagination muscles, try to increase the level of imaginary thinking you do. Try to be more creative in your approach to day to day activities of your life. Pay attention to your thoughts and analyse if they are creatively imaginative in nature. This way you are telling your subconscious mind to keep thinking creatively and gradually this will improve your creative imagination.
    3. Bring about a change in your daily Life
      Go to places you have never been to. Do things you have never done. Bring variety in your day to day life. Different surroundings, different people, different activities can encourage your creativity and your imagination will be improved a lot.

Try to make these techniques a habitual part of your thought process. To do that, you need to use them regularly. It normally takes several weeks to develop a habit, whether it be good or bad. So, try to remind your self to use these techniques each day of your life from now on. You will gradually find that your life has become more colorful, not by the places you visit, not by the people you meet and not by the activities you indulge in, but by your creative imagination. It will take you places you would not have thought of. And I bet those places will bring lots of joy and pleasure to you and your dear ones.

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