Book review – the four agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz

After having read the book cover to cover I never felt I was reading a book. It all appeared to me that I was having a conversation with a friend, an enlightened one. Don Miguel’s style of writing is conversational. He never lets you feel that you are reading a book.

Although this is not the first self improvement book I have read recently, it left me with some great insights. The gist of the book I feel is that,the world is a reflection of your own self. The four agreements that Don has described in the book are gems of wisdom in their own right.

Don has made references to wisdom of the ancient people from different cultures across the world. It is a great thing to do cross cultural references while you are proposing something that has the potential to prove life changing for the readers. This is really thoughtful of him. Basically Rob has referred the ancient wisdom of the vedic culture of India and the Mexican natives.

It further strengthened my belief that gems of wisdom can come from any corner of the world. The only thing that matters is that we ought to keep our eyes and ears open to recognize them.

The four agreements that Don proposes the reader to make with themselves are not very uncommon to be found in the writings of other life coaches, especially the ones who derive their inspiration from the oriental cultures.

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