World Media: India Cannot Be Take Lightly In Terms Of Technology, The Country Can Consider Anti-Satellite Spacecraft

World Media: India Cannot Be Take Lightly In Terms Of Technology, The Country Can Consider Anti-Satellite Spacecraft

The World Media has also given place in the headlines of India’s anti-satellite missile capabilities as well as the address of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. While the New York Times described this test as a rivalry with China-Pakistan, The Guardian wrote that Modi’s speech on TV is being criticized during the election. Russia Today wrote that India’s technological advancement cannot be taken lightly. This country can also consider the spacecraft to protect the satellite.

1. Russia Today
In Russia Today Military analyst Mikhail Khodrenok wrote – India’s technological advancement cannot be taken lightly. 300km Targeting the Satellite at a pace is a good result. India is committed to creating anti-satellite weapon systems. It could also consider developing the Spacecraft for the protection of its satellite.

2. New York Times

It has been decided that the successful Missile Test has joined India in a few countries, who have the ability to destroy the goal in space. This category includes the US, Russia, and China. However, this step will increase India’s rivalry with Pak and China. When China first tested such a missile in 2007, the increase in weapons in space-raised concerns about the whole world.

3. The Guardian

A week after the air strikes between India and Pakistan suddenly came the news that Modi will send messages to the nation. Several types of conceptions began to take place regarding national security. However, during the election campaign, he was criticized for giving information on the Missile Test on TV. This missile will give India the ability to destroy the enemy’s satellite. India succeeded in the space program by launching Satellite in record number 2017. At present, the country is working on a humanitarian mission in space by 2022.

4. CNN

CNN wrote: Modi said that the trial of anti-satellite missiles is for the security of India, but it is likely that Pakistan and China will see it as a step to provoke it. India has achieved this achievement when China is constantly being warned to increase military capabilities in space. The Trump Administration has said that the US requires a space force, and because of its growing capabilities in space and security requirements of American satellites.

5. Al Jazeera

The Middle East’s leading news network Al Jazeera said that India has been increasing its space capabilities for nearly a decade. This policy began in 2012 under the leadership of Prime Minister Manmohan Singh. This important announcement has been made on behalf of the current Prime Minister, it will be a worldwide reaction. After being tested by India, Pakistan has raised voice against the increasing threat in space.

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