Vivek Oberoi Reached The Election Commission of India With The Makers Of The Biopic, The Answer Given To The Show Cause Notice

Vivek Oberoi, along with his lawyer Hitesh Jain, appeared before the Election Commission on Thursday after issuing a show-cause notice to the producers of the biopic of PM Narendra Modi by the Election Commission of India. Significantly, Narendra Modi’s biopic is being released on April 12.

No violation of Code of Conduct:
Speaking to the ANI, Jain said, “We have given a detailed reply to the notice issued by the Election Commission for violation of Model Code of Conduct. We have tried to explain that the film does not in any way infringe the Model Code of Conduct.

Congress demanded a ban on film:
Vivek Oberoi, who played the role of Modi in the film, also came with the producer Sandeep Singh to meet officials of the Election Commission on Thursday. Lawyer Hitesh said that the complaint was filed by the Congress party, in which there was a demand for a ban on the film during the election period based on the violation of election code of conduct.

Will have to wait:
In response to this question whether or not the film will arrive on its scheduled release date, Jain told that he had already announced the release date. However, they will wait and see what will happen next. This movie is based on the life of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, whose title is ‘PM Narendra Modi’.

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