Fidayeen Adil used Virtual SIM, Was In Constant Contact With The Cross Border Handler

Fidayeen Adil used Virtual SIM, Was In Constant Contact With The Cross Border Handler

Unfolded in the investigation of Pulwama attack suicide bomber Adil Dar was unfolded that, in Pakistan and Kashmir he had his handlers used the virtual SIM during the attack. Jammu and Kashmir police, central intelligence agencies had conducted search operation at the location of the place of Pulwama attack, Tral encounter and elsewhere. During this time, the agencies came to know about the use of Intelligence SIM during the attack. In the Tral encounter, Jaish-e-Mohammed’s terrorist Mudassir Khan was killed, who was the mastermind of the Pulwama attack.

During the terrorist attack, a new trend of using virtual SIM is coming out. It generates mobile numbers on the computer through US service provider technology. It uses the user service provider’s app on its smartphone. This number is linked to social media sites like Whatsapp, Facebook, Telegram or Twitter. Verification code generated here uses the user numbers after receiving a receipt on the smartphone.

According to officials, in the Pulwama attack, Dar was constantly in touch with Mudassir Khan and other handlers in connection with the use of this technique. They were using numbers that were starting from “+1.” These mobile stations are the International Subscriber Directory Number (MSISDN), which are used in the US.

The official said that the request sent to the US has sought information about the phone numbers using the virtual SIM and when they were activated. In addition, the information for Internet Protocol address is also sought. In the 26/11 Mumbai attack, fake identities were also used by the terrorists. Keeping this in mind, the security agencies are also trying to find out who gave the money for these virtual SIMs.

Fake identity was also used in 26/11:

During the 26/11 investigation, it was revealed that in order to activate voice over internet protocol, call phonics was given $ 229 via Western Union Money Transfer. This amount was received by Medina Trading in Italy and the sender of the money was a resident of Pakistan-occupied Kashmir.
Agencies claim that this person was sitting in the POK Javed Iqbal. In 2009 the Italian police arrested two Pakistani nationals.
It is alleged that the firm named Medina traders transferred 300 funds in the name of Javed Iqbal. It is believed that Iqbal had never stepped in Italy.
After the investigation, the Italian police had said that the company located in Brazil, Italy, used the identities of innocent, unencumbered people whose passport or identity card was stolen.

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