America’s Warning to Pak- If There Will Be Any Further Terrorist Attack on India Then Pak Will Be In Trouble.

The US has warned Pakistan to take action on terror groups, especially Jaish-e-Mohammad and Lashkar-e-Taiba. If there will be a second attack on India then it can be a big problem. Since the Pulwama attack, the US is constantly pressurizing Pakistan to take action against terrorists.

A White House official said: “We want Pakistan to take action against militant groups, especially Jaish and LeT. We do not want tension in the area.”

The officer also said- If Pak did not act honestly on terror groups and India was attacked again, then it could create a lot of trouble for Pakistan. Tensions in the area will increase which is dangerous for both countries.

When asked what action was taken by Pakistan after the Airstrikes of India, the officer said, the US and the international community are constantly pressurizing them. However it will be a little hasty to assess. In recent days Pak has taken some action against the terrorists. They seized the property of some terrorist groups, arrested some terrorists. Pak has taken administrative control of Jaish in his own right.

The officer also said that we want more action from Pakistan. Months ago was seen in the opposite view in Pak. Some terrorists were arrested but after a few months, they were released. The terrorists living in Pakistan are still allowed to go to the world and make rallies.

According to the White House Official – Pakistan needs to decide whether it wants to be seen as a responsible international country and has access to all financial institutions or it has failed to consistently crackdown against militant groups And seeing itself isolated.

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