Chhattisgarh: The Number Of MLAs With Criminal Cases Increased By 71% Compared To Last Time In The New Assembly

Mostly Political Affairs, Large Criminal Case on 13 MLAs.

In 2013, only 7 (8%) MLAs were facing serious criminal cases.

This time the number of MLAs in the state is higher than the last three elections, against whom criminal cases are registered. The number of such legislators is 71% more than in 2013. The cases against 24 (27%) MLAs elected in 2018 are pending.

The number of legislators trapped in serious criminal cases is also high. In 2013, only 7 (8%) MLAs were facing serious criminal cases, while 13 (14%) MLAs are in this case against whom cases of serious criminal cases are going on. In the last three assembly elections, 331 candidates of criminal cases had tried their luck, in which 49 people succeeded in going to the Vidhan Sabha.

No punishment in any case: Despite the different crimes registered on the elected candidates, no one has been found guilty till now. Most of the cases, however, are about obstructing government work.

Women are also in this line: There were 19 women candidates in the elections from 2008 to 2018, against whom the crime was registered in the police station or the matter was pending in the court. Two of these women succeeded in winning the assembly. Here, in most of the 4 candidates, Rajni Seth is running from your own party of Bilaspur in women candidates. Renuka Singh of BJP from Premnagar seat in 2008 and Congress’s Chhani Chandu Sahu from Khuji are elected women legislators in 2018, which is included in this list.

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