My answer to: Did Modi dig his own political grave – DNA of Bihari people

My answer to: Did Modi dig his own political grave – DNA of Bihari people

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Did Narendra Modi blame the Bihari DNA Bihar Assembly elections 2015
Did Narendra Modi blame the Bihari DNA

I have tried to answer the question on quora as to has narindra Modi dig his own political grave by commenting on the DNA of the Bihari people during one of the public speeches he made as a prelude to BJP’s campaign for the upcoming assembly elections in Bihar. Here is a re post of the answer I wrote there..


Although I don’t consider myself qualified enough to answer this question about DNA, as I don’t have the knowledge of genetics and I don’t have a particularly scientific background at all.

I am making an attempt to answer this question just because it is about the DNA of a Bihari, as I am also one, if that was a term you would like to describe a person who was born in the physical boundary of the state of Bihar as it has been demarcated since India got independence from the British rule. I would like to make it clear that I consider myself a Bhartiya first, and then anything else.

Now talking about the “DNA of a Bihari”, well, let us first find out if this is what PM Modi said when he spoke during that public speech he delivered to which this statement is being attributed to. Well, what he said was, “corruption is in their DNA”. Before this statement he was talking about the alliance of Nitish Kumar and Lalu Prasad, and this statement was made in continuation to that. So, what he said was that, corruption is in the DNA of Nitish and Lalu.

The literal meaning of DNA should not be taken in this statement. This statement means that it is their character to be corrupt.

The first thing to bring to the notice of the novices is that DNA of each and every individual is different. No two individuals in the world except identical twins have the same DNA. So, how come these people, the grand alliance of the corrupt, are attributing the meaning of the statement of PM Modi to mean that he was talking about the whole Bihari population.

Now, as I have said above, this claim by the Nitish and Lalu combine has not given any support to them and has not resulted into any outcome like Modi digging his own political grave or something akin to that. This claim has only shows the shallowness of the political game that Nitish and Lalu are playing. Their only goal is to come to power without caring about the plight of the Bihari people.

The BJP and PM Modi have been stressing on the need of development and that is what is being set as the plank on which the upcoming assembly elections will be fought.

The Bihari people are aware of their DNA, if you would like to take the same meaning as Nitish and Lalu want us to understand. We know our glorious past from the times of the benevolent king Karna to the Chandragupta Maurya to Ashoka the Great to Chanakya to Aryabhatta to the Buddha to Mahavir and the universities of Nalanda and Vikramshila.

We know how to take the state forward and this time we are not going to be fooled by the supposedly innocent face of Nitish and the foolhardy of Lalu.

This election the Biharis are going to support the BJP with full force and help India grow at an unprecedented pace by becoming the engine of growth for the nation. This is what the DNA of the Bihari is and we will achieve that for sure, and no Nitish or Lalu or Rahul / Sonia can stop us this time.

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