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A Change…!!!

A boy used to go to the pond shore to run in the morning. He used to see an old woman. An old woman used to clean the back of the small turtles on...

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Not All Days Are Same…!!!

There lived a wealthy merchant in the city. He was very generous and philanthropist. Whoever comes to his door, he would never let anybody go empty-handed and used to help them wholeheartedly. One day...

History of Kashmir as told by a Kashmiri pandit 0

The true history of Kashmir as told by a Kashmiri Pandit

It is amazing how the world lives in ignorance and how a particular community that supports terrorists simply ignores facts. Yes, written records are meant to be facts when they constitute history.

You just need to listen to the store narrated by this Kashmiri pandit and you will be amazed how intricately the history of Kashmir has been preserved without ever being corrupted.