Fashion during the economic recession

Fashion during economic recession
Fashion during economic recession

We have been hearing and reading a lot about effects of the economic recession on various aspects of life and society. So, I was wondering what effect the recession is bringing on the fashion during this time  Or does the economic recession really affect fashion trends. The most obvious thing that comes to the mind is that fashion must be affected by the economic downturn as almost all aspects of life are being sucked into the vacuum created by the recession. So, here I will try and explore a few aspects of fashion being affected by this ugly faced economic recession.

— possibilities of fashion being affected by the economic downturn

— the causes that lead to this

— fashion trends that have replaced trends that were popular before the economic downturn showed its ugly head.

What is Fashion?

The term fashion is used to describe a way of expressing language, wearing clothing, or behaving. Fashions are like “trends.” Fashions change more quickly than the entire culture. The term “fashion” is often used a synonym for glamour and style. Sometimes the term “fashion” is used in a negative sense, to mean a “fad”. As on Wikipedia.

Why will fashion be affected by the Economic Recession?

The whole of the world has now come under the grips of the economic recession and every single person is worried about their future.

Fashion is more that just a designer’s whim. Fashion is a reflection of any given time, socially, politically, economically, and artistically. The changing styles that are constantly evolving from these given perspectives show just as much about history and the time period as any history book. It reflects what people thought, what they valued and how they lived. Fashion is a statement, a way of living. Fashion is “trend” and “style”. Fashion is used in different ways such as clothing, culture, religions etc.

As fashion is more than just clothing and is mirror of the society during various times , so this will be a very important thing to monitor the changes in fashion during the recession.

Fashion and style were affected by the economic recession that gripped the world after the world wars and not only that, it went a great way in affecting the fashion of the era. So, similar things may happen during this recession too.

What factors can affect the fashion of our times

There are many factors around us that affect the fashion around us too. But the major factors that determine the fashion of a society remain constant generally. For example, celebrities of every kind – be it movie stars, politicians, sports persons, fashion models, music stars etc. play a great part in deciding the fashion of their times by showing in public what they wear and how they behave in public. This trend has gained more impetus by the accessibility of news and images of such people to the people becoming easier and more wide spread.

It is the fashion leaders who decide what the others will adorn during the coming times. But this happens only during times when the people have easy cash in terms of surplus income.

Spending Power decides what people adorn

The spending power of a person determines the purchases he or she makes while on a shopping spree. Generally the latest styles in fashion are relatively more expensive than the regular fashion or those which are in full swing and most popular. So, the spending power determines what type of apparel or accessories a person would buy thereby determining what they are going to use in the subsequent periods to come.

Now this is what is going to affect the fashion of the time we are living in during the economic recession. The masses around the world are facing the cash crunch due to job losses and hard crediting policies being followed by the banks around the world. The worst affected lot would be the students who will continually get lesser money to spend on themselves. The ones who recently lost their jobs will be affected even more as they used to be one of the fashion market driving forces.

I will take this post forward with some history facts of fashion being affected by economic downturns in the past. So, keep visiting and give us your comments about how you found the article.

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