Dressing for the Outdoors – Fashion Technology Involved

Outdoor clothing generally may seem to be a term obvious and generic for any type of clothing worn outside home conditions. The literary meaning of the term is also the same. But it is much more than that. Outdoor clothing doesn’t only mean anything that is worn outside a house but it encompasses a whole lot of categories of clothing ranging from sports wear to weather protection gear to adventure sports clothing to swim suits to life jackets to space suits. So, out door clothing is a category that sometimes determines the sustainability of life of the person involved. So, to achieve such clothing there is a lot of technology involved in making the material that has such properties that are desired. The technology not only provides the material but also determines how the materials are combined to make fashionable looking outdoor clothing.

Dressing for the outdoors hence is not a casual activity. It needs lots of care and attention while selecting the suitable clothing for different occasions and conditions. Outdoor clothing also depends on the location, weather condition etc. For example in humid areas outdoor clothing must be water resistant and sometimes water proof whereas cold areas require warm clothing.

The outdoor clothing should be appealing to the eyes as well as be comfortable along with serving their purpose. For example waterproof clothing – If the waterproof jackets are nice looking and don’t let even a single drop of water pass through they will not be the best outdoor clothing for rainy season. So, Fashion Technology has enabled one of the most impressive evolutions in waterproofing clothing. It has come from the design of highly waterproof jackets and trousers that can also breathe. This means that the material does not allow water droplets into the garment but allows air to pass through.

Similarly for clothes which are to be used in conditions where perspiration levels are quite high and the need of comfort can also not be compromised, the concept of layering comes to the rescue. The concept of layering means there are multiple layers of clothes that are put on to avoid discomfort as well as fulfill the utility of absorption of excessive perspiration. This saves from the discomfort of the cotton inner wear absorbing the sweat and then making it clingy by wetting and keeping wet for long after.

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