Microsoft Windows Genuine Advantage – Pirated software warning

Can you imagine any product you bought from a company being termed as a fake by the same company, and that too when you have been using it for years. Normally, this would not be a possibility at all. But, that is possible in the world of IT and better say proprietary software. The software company that sold the software to you may after some time tell you that the software you are using is not genuine and hence you should go online and validate for it’s genuineness. Well, in most cases this will not happen, unless the software is written by Microsoft.

Microsoft Diagnoses my Original Windows Vista copy as Pirated

Yes, I have been using my Dell laptop for almost four years now, and I got this message of Microsoft Genuine Advantage yesterday on my desktop as a popup. The first reaction that came from me was, What the Heck !!! This is not possible. It may be some malware trying to trick me into clicking some link. But, after closer examination, it turned out to be a real warning that was generated by none other than Microsoft.

Microsoft Windows genuine Advantage - Pirated software Warning
Microsoft Windows genuine Advantage – Pirated software Warning

And when I cliked on the link that says Go Online and resolve now, it takes to a page on the Microsoft website and tries to diagnose if the software is really genuine or pirated. Now, how come Microsoft install this Genuine Advantage software on my system, if they did not know if it was genuine or fake. If it was just trying to check, they should have mentioned in the dialogue box that had appeared for the Genuine Advantage warning, right !!!


The reason given in the dialogue box is that, Windows Aero is not Working. Well, how can it work. It is one of the crappy software built by Microsoft. So, it has the first right to refusal for everything to work or not. So, the software decided on its own that it will not work unless I install the latest Graphics Card driver. now, after installing the graphics card driver, the monitors starts behaving in a funny manner. So, I decided better to uninstall the driver. Anyways, it is a long story of hatred for Microsoft. i will cut it short and take you to the Diagnosis page that Microsoft has built for their own genuine software.

MS Windows genuine Advantage - Pirated OS Warning
Microsoft Windows genuine Advantage – Pirated OS Warning

And guess what, the circles kept going round and round, not for minutes, but for approximately more than half an hour. So, at last I gave up on Microsoft. Anyways, why should I care when Microsoft can not detect it’s own genuine software. That is their problem, not mine.

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    I have bought it, Now I think, I have Genuine, Which is working well, But Can
    you tell me, How can i confirm this is genuine or pirated version?

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