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  • Twitter webpage layout changes yet again

    Twitter seems to be undergoing a massive modernization and change drive as far as the layout of the home page goes. Once you login to your twitter account, you would find a major overhaul done on the layout and the arrangement of the various sections of the twitter page.

  • The secrets of the Million Dollar Price tag for the Top 5 Blogs Sold for Million Dollars

    We listed the top five blogs that were sold for million dollars in my last post – the Top five Blogs that were sold for Million dollars. It has been quite a while since I did a follow on post on any other topic. But this one got my thinking juices flowing. There were lots of questions that were doing the rounds of the corners of my mind. So, I thought the best way to find the answers will be to do some research about all these 5 blogs and post the analysis on as the next post. So, here are the answers to the most common questions related to sale of these top blogs and their lofty valuations.

  • Google +1 button – the Buzz around it on Blogs

    There had been lots of noise in the blogosphere just after the launch of the Google +1 button. There were several articles by some famous blogs and most of them had something or the other to say about the search results appreciation system that Google announced way back in March. The launch was discussed form […]

  • Blogging Success – What is the Motivation behind your Blog

    It is high time now that you find out what motivates you the most to keep your blog going. Is it for money or just a past time activity. Do you want to be an accomplished author by gaining public recognition and become popular among your intended audience and then opt to launch the book you so eagerly wanted to be published. What motivates you is a matter of individual preference. But motivation is a must to be successful at blogging as you need to keep going even in adverse times because it is not always a smooth ride in any field. The path to blogging success passes through some tough terrain and you must be ready for that. If you have the right and strong motivation to be successful at blogging then those tough terrains should not phase you out of the path and you will be successful for sure.