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  • reaches 100 email subscribers

    Hey folks, just reached 100 email subscribers today. So, thank you all for helping reach this small but important milestone. I promise to keep improving the quality of content delivered to you by I have lined up a few interesting and informative posts for the coming week.

  • What is

    Through this post i am going to describe and define what Tuubol is conceived to be and what all is going to come in Tuubol’s posts. First of all, what does TuuBol mean.Tuubol is comprised of two Hindi Words ‘Tuu’ and ‘Bol’. ‘Tuu’ means ‘You’ and ‘Bol’ means ‘Say/speak’. First of all, TuuBol means ‘You […]

  • Welcome to

    HI, Welcome to I am coming into the world of professional blogging with this thing called Tuubol. I have already written about why I am so late on the blogging scene in my post on my personal blog – dkpandey. But I will write here about it to give you an introduction about myself […]