The true history of Kashmir as told by a Kashmiri Pandit

It is amazing how the world lives in ignorance and how a particular community that supports terrorists simply ignores facts. Yes, written records are meant to be facts when they constitute history.

You just need to listen to the store narrated by this Kashmiri pandit and you will be amazed how intricately the history of Kashmir has been preserved without ever being corrupted.

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The Kandahar Massacre, what it means for US Afghanistan Relations

US troops have been stationed in various parts of Afghanistan since they were sent there first to find Osama Bin Laden and avenge the killing of thousands of innocent civilians in the 9/11 attacks on the WTC in New York, by the then US President, George W Bush. Thousands of lives have since been lost on both sides of the War Against Terror. Has the purpose of the US troops’ presence in Afghanistan been solved and have the relations between the US and Afghanistan become friendly and one of trust.

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